Advancing Practitioners

The Company

In January of 2013, J. Toby Gray, PA-C,  when he saw an opportunity to make the whole spectrum of hospital perioperative care — pre, intra, and post surgical care a lot more efficient for key stakeholders: patients, surgeons, and hospitals.  The result: Advancing Practitioners (AP), a new company with a mission of partnering with hospitals to enhance surgical care services from admission through discharge.

“We understand surgeons and hospitals. We are committed to high quality patient care above all else. We are flexible and will fill the perioperative gaps for our hospital partners. Our incentives are completely aligned; but most importantly, we know how to execute and get it done.”

-J. Toby Gray, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

The “AP” Approach

  • Provide first class healthcare with Mid-Level Practitioners and physicians in the operating room, on the surgical floor, and at the patient’s home.
  • Demonstrate that true team-based surgical care — hospital staff + surgeons + AP = the best way to deliver high quality, efficient, cost effective surgical care to all patients
  • Highly trained Mid-Level Practitioners in the OR and on the surgical floors with AP Physician oversight.
  • Be hospital staff friendly by having additional well trained and aligned staff to help maximize patient care
  • Be surgeon-friendly throughout the Perioperative Continuum, by enabling surgeons to offload tasks and as a result, increasing surgeon loyalty and surgical business for the hospital.
  • Decrease the hospital’s direct staffing costs by transferring Surgical Assistants to AP
  • Calling employees “partners” by making them owners in the company.
  • Highly skilled “partners” who are continuously challenged to stay on top of the latest advances in surgical skills by utilizing our generous investment in their continuing education.

“We are a game changing company for our hospital partners.  We provide highly trained and motivated surgical first assistants for the operating room.  On the floor, we provide Mid-Level Practitioners and Physicians that make surgeons more efficient.  AP tremendously improves surgeon and patient satisfaction.  In addition to these services,  AP provides Information Technology, Supply Chain Innovation, and Perioperative Process Improvement.”

-J. Toby Gray, PA-C, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

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