Why Partner with Advancing Practitioners?

Significantly Improve Your Hospital’s Perioperative Services

AP’s Mid-Level PractitionersPhysicians, will make your hospital, your surgeons and staff more productive in and out of the OR.  AP will help your hospital:

  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersKeep surgeons happy and productive by keeping them focused on surgery (and not all the other tasks they are being inundated with). Find out how to build surgeon loyalty. Download our “12 Secrets to Keep Your Surgeons Happy & Productive“.
  • Increase surgical case volume and revenue without having to recruit as many new surgeons.
  • Attract and recruit more new surgeons (as needed) with a patient-centered team approach that covers the whole continuum of perioperative care.
  • Save direct costs of perioperative staffing and decrease administrative and staffing burdens by relying on our mid-level practitioner and physician experts — while we also take the burden of billing for their “medically necessary” services.
  • Save money on recruiting and training of perioperative staff — in particular NPs, PAs, RNFAs and CSAs.
  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersGet ahead of the curve in being able to participate in bundled payment for care improvement initiatives for orthopedics, spine, and more.
  • Improve clinical outcomes, decreased complication rates, and lower length of stays.
  • Increase patient satisfaction through the continuum of perioperative care.

“We guarantee that AP will save your hospital direct staffing costs; we’ll take on the burden of billing and collecting for medically appropriate Mid-Level and Physician services.”

-Greg Flanagan, COO, Advancing Practitioners

Please email or call us at (954) 791-6146 to find out more about AP.


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