Opportunities for Hospitals…

to jump ahead of the competition, especially in surgical services

It is hard to predict what the U.S. healthcare system is going to look like this year much less a couple years from now.  There are a few undeniable facts that smart hospitals can start addressing now, versus the future, and turn into opportunities. Many hospitals are going to sit and wait until it’s too late and view these opportunities as threats:

  • There will be ongoing pressure from payors for value-based purchasing of healthcare services.  In order to compete, hospitals will need to bundle services especially early on in high cost areas (ortho, neuro, etc).
  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersYour surgeons will continue to be the most important group that impacts the biggest chunk of your hospital’s revenues, and they need your help. The good ones are going to migrate their business to where they can focus on what they are trained to do: operate — and make money
  • It is going to get even tougher for you to recruit surgeons, but also physicians of ALL types. There are simply not going to be enough high quality physicians to treat the aging population of the U.S.  Importing doctors from overseas is fading as a good option. But there are alternatives to help make your surgeons and other physicians more productive.
  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersMid-Level Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants may play significant roles in your hospital today but their roles throughout the healthcare system are expanding — and will in hospitals as well.
  • Team-centered approaches to patient care cannot be ignored by your hospital. The true coordination of multiple types of medical professionals for every patient, may still be relatively foreign to your facility(s) but will proliferate in all healthcare settings.  In order to maximize care and cost savings, practitioners of all types need to assume the tasks and responsibilities for which they are best suited.

Advancing Practitioners is dedicated to helping hospitals take advantage of these opportunities today and into the future.

“Mid-Level Practitioners are in some prominent roles today and are going to play much greater roles in hospitals, especially in perioperative services.”

-Toby Gray, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

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