AP Services

and the Perioperative Continuum

“Perioperative care is the complete span of care and services for a surgical patient from initial education regarding the procedure(s) through the operation itself in the OR; through Recovery, PACU and on the floor; and through patient discharge. For each surgical patient, there are literally hundreds of actions and communications from when they walk into a hospital (and sometimes before) to when they walk out – and transition back home or to another facility, as appropriate.” 

“Great surgical care isn’t just about what happens in the OR. It’s about the care before and after, too.”

-Toby Gray, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

Clinical Perioperative Staffing

in and out of the OR – with Mid Level Practitioners and Physicians

AP helps hospitals better operate the full continuum of their pre, intra, and post-operative surgical care services, more cost effectively and efficiently while improving satisfaction for surgeons and surgical patients from admission to discharge.

Intra-Operative, Surgical First Assistant Services

    Typically, with a combination of NPs, PAs, RNFAs, and CSAs, AP provides your hospital:

  • Surgical First Assistant services in your hospital’s operating room (including Labor and Delivery) on a 24/7 basis as requested by surgeons.
  • Administrative management of the surgical first assistant program at Hospital, including scheduling of Surgical First Assistants. After we sign an agreement with your organization, usually your SFA’s (exclusive of those working directly for your surgeons) would become our employees and owners in our company. Read more about the advantages for surgical first assistants, seamlessly becoming AP employees.
  • Recruitment of additional Surgical First Assistants as needed. AP is responsible for recruitment and ongoing training of additional SFA’s.
“Some OR Directors are burdened with the recruitment and management of their surgical first assistants. AP will alleviate these burdens by working to upgrade the staff through our very experienced recruiting department and also manage the services to create a highly motivated and efficient team.”

-Toby Gray, PA-C, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative, Clinical Staffing

    With a combination of NPs, PAs, and Physicians, AP provides your hospital:

  • Participation on the hospital’s pre-operative assessment team. In particular, history & physicals and patient education as requested by surgeons.
  • Post-operative management of surgical patients starting in Recovery/Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) as requested by surgeons.
  • Triaging phone calls and communicating with families
  • Assistance with EHR/CPOE input and completion of post-surgical discharge documentation
  • Provision of care (with physician supervision) on the units/floors and, in particular, for non-surgical issues.
  • Participation in applicable Hospital committees and collaboration with the hospital concerning quality initiatives

Transitional Care Management

    Extends the surgical team to patient’s home:

  • Assistance with efficient and timely transitions of care to post-acute care settings
    Provision of care (under physician supervision) at patient’s home after discharge from the hospital
  • Lower readmission risk with TCM visit
  • Educate patients on discharge instructions
  • Medication reconciliation at home
  • Ensure timely follow-up visit with surgeon and primary care physician as appropriate
    Evaluate surgical site for possible infections
“Our company allows surgeons to focus on what they do best and that is operate on patients. Our providers will consult surgical issues with the surgeon and alleviate the burden of having to deal with non-surgical issues.”

-Greg Flanagan, COO, Advancing Practitioners

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