AP makes your life at the hospital easier and more profitable

As a surgeon, have you ever said or thought:

  • “I need a surgical first assistant that knows how I operate and anticipates my needs”
  • “I know it’s part of the deal now, but electronic charting and computer physician order entry (CPOE), is not the best use of my time”
  • “I need more time and help educating patients and talking to their families during their hospital stays.”
  • “I wish someone at the hospital could handle a lot of the phone coordination with PACU, the floor, ancillary departments and other physicians. It would be a tremendous help having a resource to help handle some of these responsibilities.”
  • “I could do more cases during my OR days if things were more efficient in the OR.”
  • “I do a good job but the ‘system’ does not help increase my patients’ satisfaction”

… or otherwise complained about the hospital where you operate?

Your Surgeon-Centric Partner: Advancing Practitioners

As a surgeon you may have your own Mid-Level Practitioner who assists you in the OR and/or in the office.  What if you had access to a highly trained Mid-Level Practitioner in the OR and on the floor that could help you generate even more revenue for your practice?  What if you could help alleviate some of your inefficient medical recording responsibilities? What if you did not have to deal with a lot of the pain that just seems to increase by new clerical responsibilities that keep being added on by the hospital and regulations? And what if you did not have to pay an extra dime to do so? What if you could even decide to reallocate your Mid-Level Practitioner to your office where they can usually make you more money?

What’s the catch?

If your hospital works with Advancing Practitioners, we keep you operating while you delegate and offload the pre, intra, and post operative tasks that you decide to our staff. Plus, you’ll also have a physician to communicate with on any pre and post operative care issues.

“When we sit down with a hospital CEO or other top hospital executives, we commonly hear, ‘Help us take care of our surgeons and make their lives easier’, this is our expertise!”

-J. Toby Gray, CEO, Advancing Practitioners.

You are the leader of a program that is the future of medicine: a team-based surgical care across the Perioperative Continuum.  Your staff will be composed of hospital personnel and AP associates who are owners in their company.  It’s the next generation of medicine and you will be in a lot better position to bundle your professional services.  Our approach will allow you to be in a stronger position to gain income by carving out a greater piece of the bundle.

Read more…about the most surgeon-friendly firm that you could imagine and something that does not cost you a dime.

“The very best thing for hospitals to do when it comes to surgeons is to keep them operating and allowing them to focus on areas where they generate the most revenues.”

-Greg Flanagan, COO, Advancing Practitioners

Please email or call us at (954) 791-6146 to find out more about AP.

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