Why AP for your next career move?

Be part of THE new model of team-based perioperative patient care

Advancing Practitioners provides an attractive alternative to the traditional, in-house employment arrangement, resulting in greater personal and professional satisfaction for Mid-Level Practitioners (NPs, PAs, RNFAs and CSAs) and Physicians (MDs and DOs who are Board Certified in Internal Medicine or Family Practice). Our focus is perioperative services within the hospital setting. With Advancing Practitioners:

  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersYou will have a lot more control over your career  Work with an organization that knows and understands Mid-Level Practitioners.  We understand that you are critical to high quality perioperative services.  AP is a new, rewarding alternative to traditional in-house employment in hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare providers
  • You will make excellent money  AP pays at the top of the scale for high performers in and out of the OR.  We also have an excellent benefit package that is second to none.
  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersYou will become an owner  By joining AP, all employees will be rewarded with an equity stake in the company that vests over time
  • You will be able to truly put your skills into practice, to the maximum   You will continue advancing to new levels of expertise, depending on your own skills, certifications and interests within multiple surgical specialties.
  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersYou will get all the additional specialized training you need (and we’ll pay for it!) in such areas as robotics, graft preparation and suturing.  We constantly stay on top of the latest skills needed in the OR.
  • You will be more prepared a lot sooner than others The perioperative arena of the hospital is constantly changing.  AP is cutting edge.  You will be working in a patient-centered, team-based perioperative environment.
  • Perioperative-Hospital-Services-Advancing PractitionersYou will participate in AP’s nationwide network of peers and take advantage of professional growth opportunities on an ongoing basis
  • You can have the flexibility to work where you want As we add hospital partners we want to promote from within.

“Our providers are the key to our success.  To ensure that we have the top talent and retain them, all AP employees will have an equity interest in the company.”

-Toby Gray, PA-C, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

Find out more about current Career Opportunities with AP, or contact us by email or phone (954) 791-6146 if you have any questions.

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