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Advancing Practitioners employs experienced, board certified internists or family practice physicians to work alongside AP’s Mid-Level Practitioners.  AP physician’s work within a team environment to provide pre- and post-operative care for surgical patients.  Typically, AP’s mid-levels will consult the surgeon with surgery related issues and complications while the AP team will handle any other medical issues that might arise while the patient is in the hospital.  AP will then keep the surgeon informed, and ensure that there is a successful transition home or to another facility as appropriate.

Here are typical AP Physician responsibilities and minimum qualifications which can vary by hospital, depending on where you might work:

Responsibilities…(click to read more)

  • Acts as the supervising physician for AP Mid-Level Practitioners who are providing unit based, post-operative (and pre-operative) care for surgical patients according to protocols provided by AP.
  • For surgical patients needing physician level inpatient care (outside of procedure related issues that the surgeon handles):
    • Participates in daily hospital rounds
    • Writes orders and progress notes
    • Prescribes appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment modalities
    • Orders appropriate laboratory and radiographic tests
    • Performs medical interventions as appropriate
    • Formulates and implements treatment and therapeutic plans for hospitalized patients
    • Facilitates the patient’s transition within and between healthcare settings, e.g. admitting, transferring, and discharging patients, including discharge planning and summaries
    • Collaborates with multidisciplinary team members and surgeon by making appropriate referrals
  • Is the primary point of contact with AP and hospital management with regard to any clinical or business issues that may arise
  • Assists in the continued development and refinement of clinical pathways and protocols based on data captured via AP information technology

Minimum Qualifications…(click to read more)

  • MD or DO degree
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine or Family Practice
  • Interpersonal skills for successfully interacting with patients, relatives, physicians, managers and other employees
  • Current BLS, ACLS
  • Good computer skills
  • At least 5 years post-residency experience (and ideally 2 years in a hospital setting, e.g. as a “hospitalist”)
“There are many gaps that need to be filled to make surgeons more efficient in the perioperative care delivery process.  Our Physicians and Mid-Level Practitioners fill those gaps.”

-Greg Flanagan, COO, Advancing Practitioners.

Find out more about current Career Opportunities with AP, or contact us by email or phone (954) 791-6146 if you have any questions.

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