Surgical First Assistants

Surgical First Assistants (SFA’s)

key players in Advancing Practitioners’ new model of perioperative care

Advancing Practitioners employs all certifications of surgical first assistants to provide intra-operative services to surgeons of our hospital and surgery center clients. Below are typical Surgical First Assistant responsibilities and minimum qualifications. These can vary by hospital, depending where you might work.

Nurse Practitioner (NP), Physician Assistant (PA), Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) or Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA)

Responsibilities…(click to read more)

  • Functions as a Surgical First Assistant in the Operating Room/Surgical Suite
  • Positions and drapes the patient
  • Sutures and retracts all tissue layers
  • Demonstrates good knowledge of anatomy
  • Assists with room setup and turnover
  • Demonstrates ability to perform technical skills and procedures
  • Assists in the intra-operative care of the patient by performing technical duties as assigned by the surgeon

Minimum Qualifications…(click to read more)

  • Current and active license as a NP, PA, RNFA, or CSA
  • Interpersonal skills to successfully interact with patients, relatives, physicians, managers and other employees
  • Good computer skills
  • Current BLS
  • More than 2 years experience in highly skilled multiple specialties in the area of First Assisting
“The new healthcare delivery model is about working smarter and assigning tasks to the appropriate provider.  AP properly deploys mid-level practitioners so we function at the highest level of our license.”

-J. Toby Gray, PA-C, CEO, Advancing Practitioners

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